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Come to Makindye Country Club for a warm welcome!

Thank you to all our members who make Makindye Country Club such a welcoming environment.

Makindye Country Club membership gives you access to a wide range of sports and recreation facilities: swimming pool, children’s paddling pool, tennis courts, a well-equipped gym, squash court,min foot ball,Volley Ball Court, Basket Ball Court, Pool table, Darts and table tennis. Swimming lessons, tennis lessons and gym coaching can all be arranged at Makindye Country Club.

"Pay as you go", daily and weekly club membership options are available for all of the Club's sports, recreation and leisure facilities. Attendance at our regular exercise and dance classes is available to everyone, whether members, Club residents or non-members (a sliding scale of entrance fees applies). For more information about the daily and weekly classes visit our Events page or like the Makindye Country Club Facebook page for regular updates. Members also receive a regular free email newsletter.

Club members get discounted rates on all exercise and dance classes. Regular social events, such as the Music Night, are discounted. See our events.

Makindye Country Club is home to one of Kampala’s best-equipped and best-maintained children’s play areas, featuring a trampoline, slide, monkey house and swings. Needless to say, this is a real hit with the kids - and parents and carers too!

Our huge TV room is lined with comfy sofas - perfect for rainy Sunday afternoons! You can watch all the big international sporting fixtures at Makindye Country Club, in the TV room or in the Friends Bar. If you need to watch a special event, at a particular time, you are advised to book before time.

Our Friends Bar is a cosy and inviting location for an after work drink, a chat with friends or to watch football at the bar. Friends Bar is open seven days a week until 10 PM  when there is a function on.

If you want to make use of our free Wi-Fi, just request a code from reception

Membership fees (valid until January 31st 2025)